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    It's funny how Trump tricked even more people to take a knee. I don't think people get it yet, this type of stuff is why he won 2016 and will probably win 2020. Most American voters aren't typically down with this taking a knee stuff lol Free country, people should protest how they want (as long as not hurting anyone), fire who they want (NFL owners should be able to fire players that are hurting its business), etc. It seems we're getting to a point where they just won't play the national anthem anymore at the game. Trump has better things to do in reality, but politically it was pretty smart of him to rile people up like this. It's a shame the NFL couldn't find someone better than Kaepernick to headline this thing though, guy sucks at football and isn't very bright. I think this could have started out much stronger if a better player had stepped up and was able to express their thoughts clearly on this stuff.