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    Sam Knockz -holy sweet baby GEE-Buss so damn dope!!! Elanvital i love the drumming on that and i been stuck in a weird portishead mode so i love this and dude the synth sounds and the way you filtered that acapella hook damn dude!!! JoaGymshoe....... yeah eff that talented ass bitch...please jump out the window holy eff word man that shit was so dope Kongchain...aye cuzzo...you can open that window up for JoaGymshoe and jump out that bitch with him..dude your whole style is insane man. i wanna hear you and Joa on a track soooon Ma Beats teach me how to acapella. that was a dope flip homie bass was dope did you find al jazeera also? ...Y,diamond shape, N..... - man that was the most beautiful display of distortion and bit crushing i have heard in a long ass time IMA ROLL WITH JOAGYMSHOE
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    I think shipping on or for delivery on 3/10. I didn't get a download with purchase but probably depends on where you buy it.
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    @1stN3rd Damn, never realised Anika was on Stones Throw! Really into her stuff too. She's got a new band called Exploded View who are worth checking out https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/exploded-view
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    Which in return slightly reminded me of this: I gotta remember to catch this Karriem record.
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