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    PBW aint letting ish come out, ever since madlib made that "hands in the weed cookie jar" comment everything changed... lol he has all the quasimoto and YNQ, supreme team, professionals, etc albums sitting next to that damned top hat just sitting there.... ST bot cursed me out for posting unreleased jaylib then made it to where I couldn't respond smh, I was going to apologize but I also wanted to curse back at it or him.... I think Bot is PBW on the LOW, what will madlib drop next??? im eager to hear that kankick that's supposed to drop on the madlib invasion. they need to hurry up before WW3 starts!!!!!!!! gEEch
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    discovering iman omari, knx,Trump, josef liemberg, solange, breakfast with ringo, sofies mixes on SOS, whole foods rotisserie chicken, white girls, the hebrew israelites, HEAD, white people losing their damned minds, black people thinking either trump or hilary would benefit them after 8 of the worst years in black history under obama, BIG GIRLS, eating healthy, Trap instrumentals, getting cursed out by ST BOT, getting tired of madlib, Loving madlib again, PBW responding to me on IG, boxing, colon cleanses, Jamma Dee, underground 80's n 90s/new jack swing, being broke but rich in the spirit!, MNDSGN, Luke Cage (i guess), Jamma Dees Mixes, jsand777 mixcloud, a brother Finding Gods Gift after all those years of wondering what he looked like, ignoring the DOOM thread on STMB.... Geech
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    Scamilton dude saying Immortal Technique bullied him in high school. Proper.
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    MV2, swift & changeable, Mental Illness, industrial konducta, supreme team full length 98% certain.
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    that damned top hat.......
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    Hey homies, Just thought I'd share what I've been working on lately and discuss it with you fine people. I'll add more as we go. Thanks, Chubs
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    THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS ! just the most energy.. original.. genuinly got me noddin'... Barry goodfella
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    ^ I've actually been feeling the same way since 2010 Geech.
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    lmaooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! bambatta was a low point in 2016! mangoes u cant ban the geech, colon cleanses add 4 years to your life!!!!!!!
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    Trump will return to WWE.
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    I like how these two are lumped together
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    colon cleanses hahahaha
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    great beats this week! very hard to choose.... Hesh Good Fellow 2nite yellow5ive but vote goes to [KappNeffect] straight up brought the heat.
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    Kowalzki Also enjoyed the tracka of KappNeffect, OLOS, and Lonius
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    I agree, all of the racist can come out of hiding ...and take the draggings that will commence
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    tretschinken SG OMEN MA Beats O N Y M I C O Butta Slick [KappNeffect] Tschotzky