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    ah, our love affair with a DOOMSTARKS rumor is ten years old. happy anniversary y'all. It's been tumultuous, sometimes the rumor is annoying as fuck, other times the rumor is sexy as fuck. But i know I for one hope that we'll still be together in another ten years.
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    ^^ completely agree. At this point, honestly, the backstory is just as, if not more, appealing than the music itself. I saw that feature and was like, "Yea, I'ma have to get this." EDIT: They should make a mini doc on this album. It's one of most important projects in his discography, without question. But the bug in Egon's ear, ahah
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    I don't know man, I got it from Madlib's facebook page. Don't know who runs it though. Anyway: http://www.rappcats.com/diary-producers/ "The single LP set contains a 16-page booklet with introduction by Eothen Alapatt and liner notes by Ronnie Reese detailing the story of the album. Ronnie Reese previously wrote the liner notes for J Dilla’s Ruff Draft, a production which took place immediately following The Diary." Gotta love the Dilla stories!
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    Props to everyone, a lot of dopeness again! Only hoped to hear some more kraftwerk samps implemented. Special fav's; Emwu23 5xvt (very cool, ...) Hobgoblin Joa (most unorthodox) Ture BMC (best catchy happy tune) Eraserhead Fuckers (the rawest, dope!) Fla. (close to the win...loved that!) Anwan Okay (felt like a live recording of a band, dope and raw) Rustee Frequency (subtle dope groove) Spellspellspell (great funtrack) WINNER... "YMSEY" .... Had it all ;-) Everyone not mentioned; you're all dope 2, it' a taste thing... Forgot to mention Kakeface... Props!
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    so we're segregating hairstyles now?
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    EDIT imo she'd look better with a shaved head than those fake ass corn rows
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    TheDGTL Supafly Arturo Anwan THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS YMSΣY KVH Good.Fellow.Nelson ffolliott MNSTRMKK Billinski – Beautiful. Loved that boom-clap-freeze stuff going on Breakmaster Cylinder – Really creative and playful dopeness. JoaGymshoe – Just damn great and original. RAS-H – Came with that heavyweight. El Hombre Bueno – That minimal vibe really catches my attention and sparks the imagination. SylleStruck – That vocal and then the arp with those uptempo drums, Yum. Vote → rawest of em all... HOBGOBLIN
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    RAS-H ​diggin' the Fla. track as well, good shit
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    THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS * * * WIN * * * WIN * * * WIN * * * WIN * * * Bringing it with dopeness and old school innocence!
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    I was worried first, but CDs are happening too. Just so you know. This album gon be gooood.
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    it's still a no from me haha
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    shout out to MazeOne. 'n thanks a lot for all the comments guys!
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    Found some time to drop this week, propzz ta MazeOne for the win and sampLs. Time to flyyy!!
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    ^ always rolling through with the optimism
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    STBB #467 1. MazeOne from Bavaria in Germany. Im 25 years old. I make beats for about 5 years now... 2. There were no "limiting" rules that week so i didnt really think about it and just made the beat... 3. I used 3 parts of the samplepack. I started up with some pitched up chops i used to play the melody you can hear from the beginning. Then i used a short bassnote i filtered and played besides the 808 bassline. I chopped up the bleeps and played it like an arp. I copied the sound and pitched it up one octave and did the same thing again at the end... I used a lot of reverb and effects on almost every sound to get that "spacey" feeling. I also added a synth lead with heavy reverb and delays on it. 4. Drums are very important in my productions and i always take a lot of time to get them to sound dope. I started up with a drumbreak i pitched down, chopped it up and used an Equalizer to get rid of the low frequencys. Stacking drums is awesome and you get a really unique sound! I always do that. I added a filtered, punchy kick and a nice snare. The thing about the snare is, I actually recorded that snare from my monitor speakers with my smartphone and used the audio of the recording, put some filters and effects on it. The Idea was, I think punchy snares always sound dope in videos so I wanted to try it.. worked out pretty good i think haha... I use parallel compression or ny compression on the kick and the snare. If you dont know about parallel compression you should definately check it out on youtube! Once i found out about it, it changed my drumsound completely.. I think it was the first time i used a 808 bassline because Im not a big fan of 808 shit. But It sounded so dope, I just had to leave it in... 5. I make all my Beats with Native Instruments Maschine. I have a microkorg and some other stuff but for that track i only used the Maschine... Never made a Beat with another programm or machine.. I just love the workflow and how quick you can convert your ideas into actual tracks.. 6.I just wanna say, once i found out about the Stonesthrow Battles I made a lot of progress because sometimes you have to use samples you would not use normally. Makes you think outside the box. You have to get some dope stuff together to have a chance to win this because there are a lot of good cats taking part in the battle every week. Respect to all the Beatmakers! peace and good luck on the next battles!
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    https://soundcloud.com/houseshoes/kjviii HouseShoes twisting beer caps again. 18:30 also http://dublab.com/house-shoes-magic-02-10-16/