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    Just taken a look at the soundcloud battle site and theres a ton of stuff that are not on the battle thread, including tracks which have nothing to do with the battle. Please can people bear this in mind when voting and at least cross-ref with the thread to ensure the vote is valid? There's enough folk who didn't follow the rules anyway, to then get tracks voted for who not only didn't use the sample or follow the rules, but also didn't post on the thread (and in this case, simply change the name of an old track to include STT BB420)
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    Don't really like a lot of the beats he uses. I understand why people dig his shit, but I don't think he's the "Jesus" cats are making him out to be. (so BOOM) All y'all making multiple pages and getting more butt hurt on this topic need to just kill that shit. Chill the phawk out homie. I will say this... and please see the above made statement regarding Kendrick. That being said, when Nas dropped "Illmatic," people were saying the SAME shit, but there weren't message boards to vent this out. Cats were talking shit on the subway, school bus, lunchroom ciphers, etc. Time is the only factor. I will not judge this album till the dust settles.
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    Well at least with so many people not following the rules (my quick run through makes it 42% of entrants), voting becomes a touch easier The beats I'm feeling this week, In no particular order... Jondis - Nice use of stretched out samples in the background. Liked the bass towards the end too. 5XVT - Great groove, good percussion, Nice chops. All round inventive stuff! Cocabona - Something nice and atmospheric about this. Enjoyed. Freddy Bracker - Love the bass-line! And as runners up.... Soul Jutsu - Dark but funky. Great use of samples and scratches CEE3 - Nice and simple with a great groove to the joint But my vote this week goes to.... Sixfingerz - Amazingly Inventive. Not a beat for an MC to flow to, but I'd stick this on in my car on a late night drive anytime. Fantastic use of dynamics and despite listening to every joint posted up, knew this was likely to get my vote from the moment I heard the first few bars. Great job! Enjoyed the battle this week. Always good to have some rules which stretch producers a bit and get them outside their comfort zone
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    My impression of Jackal: "I'm not a big fan of something so I'm going to go onto message boards and talk about it more than anyone else, especially the big fans" Really though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just not sure why people pay so much close attention to things that they don't really like. Only Kendrick Lamar track I know well is Never Catch Me, didn't like anything I heard on Section 80 or GKMC, therefore I pretty much ignore the Kendrick Lamar thread.
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    im listening the whole list top to bottom right now, gonna try to do that. but theres a few beats which wont fit the rules exactly but really did justice to them. and i would not like to "exclude" somebody who tried to cope this little challange and had a few drum hits more because its on the sample or something like that. but when it comes to voting, the inbound beat should get the preference of course.
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    I think someone needs to make a list of the beats that qualify for vote because they are in the bounds of the rules. Instead of having to go through and guess which ones do or don't.
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    I'm not the only one on these boards who thinks GKMC doesn't deserve the high levels of praise it gets... And I made my points too. Also the point wasn't whether I dug the album or not, It was whether or not GKMC deserves the high levels of praise it gets. But whatever... I just thought it'd be fun to have an intelligent discussion about an album that so many seem to love; and to dissect the album and it's merits/flaws. Sigh...
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    I here by state that I, mangoes cash, will personally provide any rapper/ rapper group, with a million dollars if they dare provide an album of solid consistency from back to funk ever. These cats all know the sad realities.... Album sales are very much down. Only way to create sales is have good singles. Gauranteed this guy is sitting on a ton of hot hits. Anyone hear that new new??? AB and Earl Sweatshirt??? Hot.
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    I'll admit I've been unable to vote the past two weeks, but no more! I also don't really enter with any ideas of winning; I'm just here to become a better producer. The shit some of you guys produce blows my mind. Anyway, here's this weeks entry. Sweet sample, btw.
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    I bought my buddies whole collection a month ago and he hit me up yesterday and said I forgot one album. I went over and he handed me this Lloyd Price album he bought via the J Dilla Foundation. So its still got the certificate of authenticity and letter from Ma Dukes and its in a plastic bag with 'J Dilla Collection' sticker. I was psyched.