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    Sorry for the confusion breh! The only two ways you can derive sounds is from the sample, or if you physically play them (guitar, bass, drums, woodwinds, trumpets, live pianos, a crumpled piece of paper, your dogs belly) Obviously you can play that or sequence it. Wanna make a synth outta the sax sound through multisampling? GO FOR IT! Wanna make a bass sound from the sample? GO FOR IT! wanna use outside drum sounds and vsts? Nope. Wanna play some drums live and record that? Yup! The main thing here is: no outside samples or vsts. The only outside sounds you can use are ones you play via mic, piezo, etc. Actually lets just keep this simple and say no synths period. Also let's not get cute here and get into the discussion of midi and all that it really is just sample and mic thassit.
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    Why does the rules always have to be so hard to understand!? I swear, the last 100 battles or so its some cryptic ass shit. No outside anything - except instruments? What the fuck? Explain yourself! So if I play on a midi keyboard using vsts, whats that? If I play an MPC and record, whats that? If I take a one tone sample from the sample chosen and map it out and play with on midikeyboard, whats that? Is your rule actually no outside samples or what?
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    STBB #585 Hello good stbb people much love for the votes! happy to be the rulemaker for a week! RULES no outside anything except! FEATURE YOU DOING SOMETHING AWESOME. IF YOU SING, SING! IF YOU PLAY 20 DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS DO THAT! IF YOU DONT HAVE A MIC OR NO MEANS, IM SORRY! THATS THE ONLY OUTSIDE THINGS ALLOWED IS WHAT YOU RECORD/PLAY/HIT -good example: i got all of my sounds from the sample AND played kazoo too- da sample https://we.tl/X04tOVXp06 PS. YOU HAVE TO USE THE SAMPLE TOO. obviously you can still rock it if you have no means to record, but you must derive all of your sounds from the 11 minute sample! ❤️ The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 584“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Please label entries that are posted after the deadline or don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: https://wetransfer.com
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    finally got a chance to collab with Banizzz.. homie asked if I would sing on his track so I did all I was hoping that I could deliver to the standard of his dope work. got some last minute feeds that some distortion or way of muffling the vocals would make them fit better in this particular ( lo-fi ) instru it felt sorta weird making the clean vocals sound "less good" but I think it worked out well.. at least I hope so this is mix 19 out of 25.. at this point I'm not sure of anything anymore. pz Joa
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    Hi all, I recorded some voices over the microphone of my computer and made drums and funny sounds with it. Layered it and build a simple drumset + fx. The rest comes from the sample. Thanks @dgtlbeatsIt was good fun and I experimented a lot the tune consists of 3 beat sketches in total, looking forward to hear all the tunes. Also please excuse the rather lousy mixdown I just didnt find the time to do it. Have a great week everyone!
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    hmmmm..... nvm. 1. Jay Mykal - Bro---pure fucking fire! 2. Nella - That bass was so lovely. 3. Sen - love how it was loose in spots. Just how I like it. Drums FIRE.
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    my "favorite" entry this week: Why dude, why do you buy likes and reposts ? :'D and why the hell would you do like a million comments saying "stbb" on your own track? seriously though. 45 plays, 34 reposts. track gotta be the bomb.... well.
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    ❤️ to all
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    congrats fellers
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    Congrats on a well deserved win guys.
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    ⁄§⁄ s/o to @dgtlbeats for the solid material. (dude. please dm the vinyl, I gotta cop.) had a completely different beat using live bass and rhodes but I came to conclusion that I suck at both... hahaha :c Everything was pulled from the sample and tediously edited and resampled to fit the track. If you listen carefully, you'll notice some of the beepboop synth in the snare the the kicks (i tried really hard to notch them out). The track took less than a day to produce. I'm fairly proud of the output since the sample, while absolutely awesome, was very noisy and had a lot of DC (as most sampled vinyl will). I had some vocal takes over the first flip but felt it took away from the track. Overall, I just wish I could've made it louder but the track is so dense I didn't want to kill your ears. Thanks for listening and please tell me what you think! if you're interested in how I made the track, hmu on soundcloud. ⁄§⁄
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    you totally killed this major props
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    i gotta ask, what is the sample from!?
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    All sounds are from samples. Nothing outside used.
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    Hi guys, just want to let y'all know that I just released my Beatmaking App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keyboardsampler/id1355376387?mt=12 and beyond that, Apple even decided to feature it right after the release.. ! I've won the STBB 7 times with it and a great part of its features emerged from the variety of rules in the battle. https://soundcloud.com/donutproducer/sets/stbb-wins Thanks to all in the community who helped me pushing things forward.. testing the software, giving me valuable feedback and thinking of these crazy battle rules that helped the tool to become a Swiss Army Knife of sample music. STMB 4 ever!
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    When I join STBB, many plays and likes than now. Many players joined STBB and exciting each other. Get the win of STBB is like "DREAM". I don't know how to grow-up STBB.... I just tried to .... MAKE GREAT STBB AGAIN.
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    And this weeks run down is closer then the fight for the pink trico in the Giro on 3 FatVonFree 2 Huxlay and on one it's the killer combinations of two entities.... two spirits of the free...two battle cats it's ...................BANIZZZZ and JOAGYMSHOE!! Congrats on the win! I salute you!! Spreadsheet: HERE
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    Congrats on the win DGTL! Hey All, Not really hip hop but I hope sonically enjoyable. All sounds from the choice sample and me with a microphone. I thought the rules were great for experimenting and trying something different for a change. I really appreciate different kinds of rules. Who wants to do the same thing every week? I just hate that I am going to be behind KOW again this week. peace,Hugh
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    sup guuuyss, here's my flip this week, special edition (well, at least for myself tho' hahah). Flipped the sample (the end somewhere with the rhodes, love the rhodes), used one of those vinyl cracks for a bass kick (more processed then a vegetable). Played guitar, baseline (but on the guitar really), talk box, and did the vocals. The drumroll is me pounding a cardboard box (with a dynamic mic inside and gated reverb on it). Vocals are in flemish/dutch. Not sure who, besides Joa, will understand anything, but it's kinda what I do (now and then). It's been a year and a half since recording, so this was a nice warm-up/getting back into it. It is hard work but it was fun. Look forward to do more of those things. For those who care: I went totally new school on this. While I was making this beat and humming the lyrics in my head, I realised it sounded A LOT like a song I knew from last year's NBA2K17 (shout out to all my 2K players!). As a matter of fact, looked it up and used it for reference (Partynextdoor featuring Drake - come and see me ). The song is basically about my conscience talking to me, telling me I'm not doing shit again with me trying to make excuses telling myself even if it doesn't look like I'm not doing much, I'm still working on something. But my conscience is not impressed with whatever the effort is I'm doing and insists my work ethic is shit and I need to do more to achieve something. I think a lot of us have been there being tough on ourselves for no reason hahah. Have fun listening. Peace y'all.
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    Congrats on the win. Loved the sample. Added a vocal that I recorded with my phone. I really shouldn't be allowed near mics.
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    "Inspired by the sun. Spend sometime in a terrace makin beat Can only be a GREAT DAY" I've also open a shop page on airbit so... why not take a look? 😉 https://air.bi/m7r9t Peace!
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