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  2. STBB #576 VOTE

    voting ended...
  3. STBB #576 VOTE

    Tough to choose this week. Tons of fire. Great week thanks to all involved and FVF especially for the samples & the rules. 1. Rockusnewera 2. Fla. 3. BlueEar
  4. STBB #576 VOTE

    Kongchain HUNGRYM4N Soul - Jutsu
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  6. STBB #576 VOTE

    1. Soul-Jutsu 2. slanteyez 3. l o k a l Personal other top 5 :Jay Mykal FIVEPEE Kongchain beantangerine JoaGymshoe
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  8. STBB #576 VOTE

    I could have sworn this was the collab rule, but you should know better than anyone, since you have kept up with the collab week over the years.
  9. :.STBB#573.Windows of the World.:

    Oh shit---what samples I missed! Gotta bang something out regardless of my timing lol. Good find, @GoodFNeLla!!
  10. STBB #576 VOTE

    hmm.. one entry.. one vote has always sufficed.. let's keep it that way.
  11. STBB #576 VOTE

  12. STBB #576 VOTE

    Yeah, there were quite a few that weren't in mono. I didn't know the best way to address this since votes were already coming in when I started listening. I just voted for one's that were. It's going to be hard to count this one up. Haha! I know who you are and I know what you mean. WTF is a hungryman?! Thanks for helping the counters out. The rule on collab weeks is both parties have to vote for their beat to be counted. I would keep this the same for non-collab week's also, making it a collaborative effort all the way to the finish line. Like Joa said, anyone can vote (5 posts up), the more votes the better. Even if you were disqualified you can still vote.
  13. STBB #576 VOTE

    In the 5 years I've been here, this may have been the 1st battle I've seen where something in the samples (inside) wasn't allowed. We have had plenty of battles where outside drums weren't allowed and the no snare rule, so battlers usually know that anything in the sample(s) is a okay to use. It's best to elaborate as much as you can in the rules, but this was a good battle and a tough week to get folks out of their comfort zone. The same old standard battle rules get boring after a while. Keep 'em coming!
  14. STBB #576 VOTE

    Word! Good to know.
  15. STBB #576 VOTE

    cool rules FVF.. keep em coming future winners.. faves: Slanty.. Soul-Ju.. Beantan.. Fla..Bleue.. JayMyk..Vöms 1.Slanty 2.beantang 3.Soul-J anybody who ever posted a beat on stmb or made upwards of 5 legit1mate post may vote..
  16. STBB #576 VOTE

    First to Third in that Order: JoaGymshoe - Dope Rhymes and Delivery! Hungrym4n - Overall Dope Collage C.Syd Rafferty - That Build up! And a lot of other Dope Beats this week and yes too much snow remixes
  17. STBB #576 VOTE

    What up everybody I collabed w/ Joa this week, so not sure my votes count but wanted to chime in and leave some love regardless. 3. Ras -H (Grimey AF and the acc. fits perfectly) 2.DefMute (Wavy and the kick knocks harrrrddd) 1. Jay Mykal (Perfection, sounds pro all the way through) Honorablz: Lokal, Ruedenz, v0ms, BlueEar, Rockusnewera, Elev8te, SlantEyez..
  18. STBB #576 VOTE

    Hah, thanks for mentioning, never really thought about that! I'll do that right now. Maybe I'll switch names too. Or get a whole new one, both aliases stink anyways.
  19. STBB #576 VOTE

    1 Hungryman (No more words needed) 2 TkC & JoaGymShoe (knock knock - it's who!?) 3 Jay Mykal (the very best Snow remix of the many entries)
  20. STBB #576 VOTE

    1-soul-jutsu 2-fivepee 3-2nite also: ras-h, axwai, lokal, theguen.....
  21. STBB #576 VOTE

    1 HUNGRYMAN 2. JayMykal 3. Soul-Jutsu (2/3 is nuff 4 me) Mentions: JoaGymshoe, l o k a l, Morty69, Flipooster, and many more! My comment as a vote-counter: guuuuuuuys, I never experienced a week with soo many disqualified entries! :/ (my mono switch can't be convinced, however there is some room considering the snare/rimshot rule) To avoid any later discussions (list may not be complete): Disqualified because stereo: JoeMoDo Boa, Mhmory, Cosimoz, FIVEPEE, G.F.Nella Disqualified because imo rimshot/snare was used: (what do you ppl think?) BAVNZ I'm not sure about: DoktorCross: isn't that a rimshot?, Same goes for SuperSen, and DefMute Anyways: since @l o k a l is far ahead atm, that might not be important at all ...
  22. STBB #576 VOTE

    Lokal Soul Jutsu BlueEar
  23. STBB #576 VOTE

    1. Rockus - MF Doom Westside Gunn - 2 Strings 2. Morti69 - Vergehen & Entstehen 3. BlueEar - MF Doom - Strange Ways Remix Peace
  24. STBB #576 VOTE

    Interesting week! 1 Slanteyez 2 Lokal 3 Soul Jutsu
  25. STBB #576 VOTE

    Hey @FatVonFree, Your beat is a real entry? I thought you was talking about making it a non... Just wanted to ask... otherwise @KappNeffect 5 Points would be wasted... And i guess maybe some more people will vote for you... or even more if you clarify
  26. STBB #576 VOTE

    1. jay mykal 2. super sen 3. joa crazy how many peeps used the same aca!
  27. STBB #576 VOTE

    1. FatVon - PURE FLAMES. SO dusty. Good good good shit. 2. Evlev8te ---bruuuuuuuuuuuuuh... them drums. 3. Jay Mykal - Drums are FIRE. Beat is so fucking dope. beantangerine - that bass.... that shit was magic. Lokal - NUTS!
  28. STBB #576 VOTE

    Big up F.V. Free, Loved the rules this week and we were definitely spoilt by those samples. Many thanks for the feedback. 1-Slanteyez 2-Lokal 3-Morti69
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