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  2. Amazing samples this week!
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  4. Was a nice surprise. I got 2, Washed Out albums. As excited as I am for this, i'm more excited for that Stimulator Jones release.
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  6. all provided samples except Drums and Sounddesign
  7. The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld Amadou Sangare - Sumu Douma Kettel - Little Duck, When Is Our Day? Burial - Subtemple The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Sometimes My Arm Bends Back Subsurfing - Frozen Ants Dub Trees - Butterfly Trilogy The Orb - Perpetual Down Beastie Boys & Santigold - Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win
  8. you're missin out my man hot sugar crazy good
  9. Congrats - samples are nice ! outside drums only.. let's meet Mr.Murky :
  10. Social media: Twitter and Instagram: @SANZ_OF_TIMEFacebook: MichaelJoseph8 Lyrics: listen, i picket the shit storm The President is piss poor, evil thoughts mosh in my noggin like they attend Warped Tour Keep away from Goths that act like Too-Poor Ideally, but something got me dreaming Of feeding on the juices Sanz on the mic is Ruthless Lay with vixens, sleep with muses When I’m on the stage I get so many braaaaavos the fans greet me with valar morghulis I used to play as Aragron Back when i dreamed of wielding a sword Basic bros rolled Legolas If Sanz rapped for DOOM i’d get hella props infatuated with the female form like Brock Throw my rock at the squirtles when the panties drop Really oughta stop, no fun had But squeezing on bum fat, love pass fast as a fad It my own fault mostly Fucked in the brain low-key Never catch Sanz rapping solely, for a rollie Money just an afterthought Sanz chasing after broads, like i’m tryna prove something Empty in a baddie jaw, afterwards i rue hunting It’s the post nut bust realization I wanna be with someone, where when we done, i feel amazing God teach me how to fight like Shane Fazen Fuck you if you a racist Fuck you if you sexist Finna fight the bullshit i’m on my Tekken As long as i’m a Resident imma make sure the zombies don’t put Evil at the end of it imma make this rap shit work out and my wallet finna get hella ripped the girly of my dreams finna get hella dicked haters finna get hella ticked Donald Trump is a heretic You ain’t no Christian But there's a plan in all of this, God willing Beyond prayer, there, ain't much more room beneath my hair to spare/ till the day my body no longer need air imma cling to this faith whether or not God is there/ Cause what’s the point of robbing yourself?/ The feeling alone robs your noggin of hell/ aint nothin certain but i aint got the answers i’m just a person/ yeah
  11. yo, i don't have any equipment, except notebook+earphones, so i used low pitch piano from samples and vox, then i played vst Spire and use Fabfilter Timeless presets and i do 0% dry 100% wet and get new sounds, so i made this NON-ENTRY Peace!
  12. dope samples, big ups
  13. no thank you we have enough white trash hip hop producers
  14. Yo STBB long time no see. Finally got my equipment fixed after 4 months out. Used chops from Little School boy and filtered and phased them and generally F'ed them up. added drums and bass with a few vocal cuts. Looking forward to listening to what y'all have done.
  15. Yo guys, had a lot of fun doing this one. I used some parts from the school boy and the drum fill from the unveil bridge, added some drums and a live bass-ish sound and a piano for the second part.
  16. Dope Samples
  17. used all of the tracks no outside samples
  18. RIP David Axelrod. Didn't even know he passed away. Mind is blown.
  19. Congrats on that win Sam and hella dope samples for this week. I used the Gun Threat and the School Boy samples.
  20. Just been catching up with your recent stuff. Man what a positive vibe you got on these! Your loop selections remind me of MF Doom a little bit. I dig the way you use 80's samples. Dope transitions, can hear your DJ sensibilities here. Your latest tape has a lot of cool moments! My favs are Just Seen You Smile, Chips n Salsa, Light and Her, She Plays Sax and Goodnight Gracie. Have you considered putting your tapes on Bandcamp?
  21. just listened to your latest tape, cool stuff Jr. Samples! Phoenix, Look Up, Never Say and Goodbye are my favs
  22. Last week
  23. Congratz mane, really cool samps
  24. My track sounds like an ost from an action movie ^^
  25. Peace and congrats. I used layers from one sample and a stab from another.
  26. Post a beat shouts out to my brother Stinga!
  27. yeah if you got any hardware synths or outboard gear, that's all good. just no VSTs or software instruments.
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