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    1: Lonius. 2: :.G.F.NeLLa.: 3: Kris van Huystee A lot of fire beats this week. damn!!!! Joa, fatvonfree, soul jutsu, barry studebaker, wackpaco, Banizzz, The deli, cascassette, the guen, ·•D∆JÅMAH•· Thanks for the vibes!
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  4. STBB#567 VOTE

    1. Nella .....muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurdered them chops. Drums A1. Bass is too nice. 2. The Deli..... Vibes, bro. Drums are nuts. Little synth/horn bits are icing on this joint. 3. Banizzz... bro.. them fucking drums. Lonius -- BRUUUUUUUUUUUUH. Fuck this is nice. Butta Slick... heater. Today radio ready. Soul jutsu.. FIRE FIRE FIRE. Kongchain... absolutely the FATEST and BEST, synth work. Competition is NONE.
  5. STBB#567

  6. STBB#567

    Thx, but please put it in the track title, come on man, you gotta know the fineprint by heart now ;)...
  7. STBB#567 VOTE

    STBB#567 VOTE Playlist #567 the new STBB - Collection account all tracks will be reposted and added to the weekly playlist by the mods Use this thread to vote while making sure to effectively utilize: BIG lettering, BOLD fonts, and/or CRAZY-AsSCOLORS Voting allowed from 1 posted beat or 5 posts up, having listened to all beats. Do not vote for yourself! Must vote in order to be eligible for the win this week! VOTE 1st 2nd and 3rd place Otherwise your vote will not be counted!!!! Voting ENDS Friday @ Midnight, Pacific Time To the winner: PLEASE POST NEW SAMPLE AND RULES BY NOON ON SATURDAY, PACIFIC TIME FAQ'S CONCERNING BEAT BATTLE If you would like to follow the winner's blog, CLICK HERE
  8. STBB#567

    late entry. marked in genre on soundcloud
  9. STBB#567

    ... Thx Erb. Please just mark it as a non-entry bc of the acapella too...
  10. STBB#567

    Hey Dajamah, your track was posted two hours after the deadline so is not eligible for voting. Please mark as a late entry. Thanks. Erb.
  11. STBB#567

    Second non-entry..tried to remake Lyrics To Go with the key sample
  12. STBB#567

  13. STBB#567

  14. STBB#567

    Yo! Entry below. Drums & bass from outside source samples.
  15. STBB#567

  16. STBB#567

    Another fun week! Shout out to defMute for the win and dope sample selection! I used a bit from each track and didn't use anything in addition to the provided samples. Enjoy!
  17. STBB#567

    Congrats def!
  18. STBB#567

    I took a couple small pieces from the 1st and 3rd samples. Lots of transposing.
  19. STBB#567

    quick jam with basic chops, but a good overall vibe
  20. STBB#567

    I used an udu drum wich i got for christmas, my keys as a shaker, my breath, some sounds from a micro korg, dums, the aiiii and one of the samples... I am not really convinced at the moment... but that it is...
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  22. STBB#567

    I'm developing this plugin. When I give Ableton too much to do at a time, I get this spine chilling bit crush effect. Instead of getting disturbed, I chose to just keep it in the loop this time
  23. STBB#567

    congrats defmute heres mine
  24. STBB#567

  25. STBB#567

    ..congrats def... ..everything came from the 3 samples.. pz Joa
  26. STBB#567

    Yoo been awhile since I did one of these. Here's my flip. Peace.
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