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  2. yoww.. live collab with my buddy Beamsy.. congrats KOA pz Joa
  4. More New Music Fam, Much love!
  5. Great samples, had a lot of fun. Mix is super quiet, so plz CRANK IT UP! Can't wait to listen to everyone's submissions... PEACE!
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  7. Here's the EDM track I made using the samples:
  8. My computer went ahead and died on me, so this is made on a shitty laptop with som shitty headphones. Sorry, if the mix is wack - it might lack midtone cuz I can't hear it on my phones. I really missed beatmaking, so I had to squeeze something out this week regardless. Peace
  9. GL everyone!
  10. ^^^ i highly encourage you donate to this guy, (EDIT nvm they don't even have a donate link) he is a bonafide historical music preserver. i found this blog five years ago on this site, and have abused it ever since. ^^^ crazy website that posts rare and foreign prog. some spectacular joints hidden in here i used to have a ton, but alas these sites close down and fail all the time. my goto brazillian site is long dead. i advise you highly to snatch everything remotely interesting from your favorite sites and donate if you enjoy what you find, they could be here one day and gone tomorrow
  11. the reason for soundcloud to exist is............having a quick and easy place to up a free track that's audio only. with maybe a cover art. soundcloud is a publishing service for amateurs. youtube links imply video and it's almost a letdown to find audio only. bandcamp links imply a full album or EP imo. a larger and more complete project. soundcloud is like a 7-inch single for amateur digitalists
  12. I wish I had more time to work on this, but I'm gonna be on the road all day tomorrow. Peace Yall!
  13. Yo People hope everyone is good? Here is my entry for this week. Jammed out a slow little ditty tonight. Peace.
  14. Yesterday
  15. You probably missed this in hype. Wake Up!!! FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time... Share it while you can! The LONG AWAITED ONLY SOLO ALBUM by GODS GIFT... For a limited time, God's Gift of Pure Order is giving away his solo album with Dj Shag (De Bergerac: The Valkyrie) for FREE! Yes, download it for free today! Skillfully crafted conscious rhymes, poetry and beats. Features #BlameOne (#DirtyScience) #Nemesis (#PureOrder) #KrycisElement and #DVOO (#MysterysExstinction). See why #PBWolf (#Stonesthrow) called Gift one of his "favorite emcees"! Again, this is a limited offer! Download it now before it's official release Aug. 3rd. Please share this links with your friends! Also: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE NEW GODS GIFT VIDEO Under 30 Days and Gods Gifts FIRST album will be available... Please share! THE WEBSITE
  16. Congrats on the win, great samples. Made a couple of flips but gonna go with this one.
  17. well its going to be like 19min each side the most 20min I cant really afford the double 2xlp am going to my best to make shore every thing sound right hopfully every thing will come out good and yes I know its going to be a long process to press up these records but its always been a dream of mine to do so so its all good and really thanks for recommending this cat to me peace
  18. $25 x 13 is $325. Which is only $75 more than the $250 you were saying. And real talk... 6 tracks on one side and 7 on the other, you're going to really squish the dynamic range on your project. (you should honestly max your sides around 15-18 minutes) Seriously, you need to consider if you honestly are wanting a quality sound of if you're just wanting vinyl. The market is currently flooded with people "just wanting it on vinyl" and are therefore putting out subpar quality sounding records. I'm just trying to drop knowledge on you. And know that vinyl is going to be quite a process with possibly months of lead time.
  19. peace I just got a email from him its actually $25 a track I think am going to do it my bad thought it was $10 lol thanks again for the info
  20. I'd send him a message on twitter or Facebook. He posted this on Twitter not too long ago though
  21. Been up for a while he's one of the dopest producers here in the ATL. He's at Controllerise (at Slice) every Thursday doing live sets.
  22. did I just read that right $10 per track to be mastering for vinyl bro thanks so much for this am going to hit him up right now and yes am going to put this on one record 6 tracks side a 7 tracks side b I would go for the 2xlp but am on a serious budged lol peace and thanks so much
  23. Lrox at Redsecta. 13 tracks? Are you trying to fit it all on one disc or are you going to do a 2xlp? (which I would HIGHLY suggest you do) Realize that will double your pressing costs though. If sound quality is honestly your concern. DO NOT GO CHEAP! I've used him on the majority of my projects. (Basement Sessions, Vintage DOPE and D&G) He recently mastered the D&G album for both digital and vinyl and there is a HUGE difference in how the two versions sound. or (to hear some of the other projects mentioned)
  24. I need 13 tracks master for vinyl record the quality of the music is ok and from what I see the rates for the mastering for vinyl is very exspensive if some one knows some one that maybe can do this for maybe $250 or something I would highly appreciate it please am only looking for people who really know what there doing thanks
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