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  2. overrated rapper list

    Jay-Z, 2pac and Kendrick definitely...also I hate it when people praise Eazy-E when it's MC Ren who should get them props, talk about one of the most underrated ever naahhhh roc is great imo, it's true that he got that same style all the time but lyrically and flow wise I think he's great
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  4. STBB #559 VOTE

    1) :.G.F.NeLLa.: 2) ·•D∆JÅMAH•· 3) Graftaq ... no dub elements... otherwise it would be 1
  5. knxwledge getting blatantly copied

    Ive seen that for more than 2 years now on soundcloud / bandcamp. People making the same style beats as him, writing the titles exactly the way he does. Just copying him in every way possible...
  6. STBB 559

    Way to late this week... I had very little time but then i flipped the Samples yesterday... I had fun with some Siren Samples and vocal chops I found the schematics of the NJD-Siren on the internet... I guess I have to build one for real. Have a nice weekend everyone!
  7. STBB #559 VOTE

    Beatcretin defmute MA Beats
  8. STBB #559 VOTE

    ..thanks Nick.. maybe some more happy go lucky lyrics next time.. ...maybe
  9. overrated rapper list

    Roc Marciano?
  10. DOOM
  11. what are you listening to?

  12. overrated rapper list

    lmao who the fuck said guru
  13. Yesterday
  14. overrated rapper list

    I haven't listened to much 3k, but I will say that for years I never saw him on any list on any forum or heard his name come from anyone's mouth as being one of the g.o.a.t.s.. Next thing I know he's top 5 d.o. a. years after he's released the bulk of his work. I like him though.
  15. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    hi miss stress ive had stuff bought for me from this site, i think they are prints by the original photographers so they are a little bit pricey, i have one of the miles ones and a serge gainsbourg
  16. STBB 559

    ... and as the case usually goes, I am far to disappoint with the fill-in-the-grid results diluted by weekly circle jerkings ... Then again... I am forgetting Stones Throw has fully transitioned to the pop mechanics of foolish malarkey And pop quantize in 3-2-...
  17. Edan - The Humble Magnificent
  18. Edan - The Humble Magnificent

  19. STBB 559

    Salute and respect I thought my post went in but it was sitting in the message box.
  20. STBB #559 VOTE

    I do the humpty dump and start with 1. Billinski + Nothing / Masters (Voice in the Night) 2. Lonius and the Rainy Dub 3. Supafly Arturo - Night Crawler (my special Rules Winner : )) special thx to MA Beats (so sweet Melody), Mike-A-Veli (the Liquor Swimming Pool..makes me wanna dive), Donut Producer with the nicest flip, Joa . always heart up lyrics (and the niice Beat from 2nite, Nella. dope Track with a niice flip and verry cool Melody and Bass Greatings to the Fam
  21. STBB #559 VOTE

    STBB #559 VOTE Submissions: the new STBB - Collection account all tracks will be reposted and added to the weekly playlist by the mods Use this thread to vote while making sure to effectively utilize: BIG lettering, BOLD fonts, and/or CRAZY-AsSCOLORS Voting allowed from 1 posted beat or 5 posts up, having listened to all beats. Do not vote for yourself! Must vote in order to be eligible for the win this week! VOTE 1st 2nd and 3rd place Otherwise your vote will not be counted!!!! Mind the weeks special rules when voting ! Voting ENDS Friday @ Midnight, Pacific Time To the winner: PLEASE POST NEW SAMPLE AND RULES BY NOON ON SATURDAY, PACIFIC TIME FAQ'S CONCERNING BEAT BATTLE If you would like to follow the winner's blog, CLICK HERE
  22. STBB 559

    Been a minute ... here's mine
  23. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    What do you want? lol
  24. what are you listening to?

  25. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    that's not what I wanted and I googled already but thanks, I guess
  26. overrated rapper list

    This might be sacrilege, especially as the production on his last two albums has been incredible, but Kendrick sounds to me like he's just yelling and venting on a whole lot of tracks to the extent that sometimes I can't differentiate between a lot of them. Saw him on some late night show a while back and couldn't work out if I'd heard the track he was performing as it sounded like a lot of other stuff I'd heard of his before. Just sayin'...
  27. What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    Also, big heads up that the old Drip seems to be completely shutting down -- Now it's just becoming a Patreon rip off lol
  28. What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    Heads up on the Stones Throw Bandcamp subscription!
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